Sleepless Nights
Robin Williams



exactly how i reacted

I told myself I wouldn’t do this, since it’s everywhere, but let me just explain a thing or two about Robin Williams, okay?


Robin Williams was like your favorite uncle. The one who would always know exactly the right way to cheer you up, even when you didn’t want to be. The one who’s impressions would leave everyone breathless from laughter at the dinner table. The one who would invite you over his house for movie nights with your favorite snacks and tell you not to tell your mom. The one who would have an extra room with a bed shaped like a race car just for when you slept over. The one who would tell you amazing stories about far away lands with such conviction that you believed with every ounce of yourself that they were true. The one who went through some pretty rough shit in his life, but never once spoke about it in front of you. The one who always put on a face of complete joy in front of you so that you would never remember a single time he was sad. The one who you never knew was sick because he would always try his best to hide it. The one who, when you finally hear the news, you can’t possibly believe is gone. The one who’s absence will scream itself known in every memory you’ve ever had of him. The one who wasn’t supposed to ever leave you. The one who you truly believed would live forever. 

Robin Williams, for all of us, was THAT guy. We took him for granted, and now that he’s gone, I feel like we’ve realized how much he truly meant to all of us. 

So instead of tearing ourselves apart inside about the fact that he’s gone, I think we should hold on tight to that feeling we got when he so brilliantly brought to life the stories we’ve come to love so dearly. That feeling is what Robin Williams is all about, I think. And I think that’s how he should be remembered. 



Robin Williams. My you have always been and always will be my favorite actor of all time. The world is a darker place with out you.
R.I.P. My Captain, Dr. Adams, Genie, Mrs. Doubtfire, Peter and the voice of Vietnam


Bicentennial Man, Flubber, and Aladdin was the three movies i mostly watched of Robin Williams but he made many more great movies.


This is how I feel some days. Too bad we won’t get another great movie from this man.


This is how I feel some days. Too bad we won’t get another great movie from this man.